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Dry Eye Treatment

Everyone experiences eye dryness on occasion. In most cases, temporary eye dryness can be managed with artificial tears and warm compresses.

Chronic eye dryness, however, is biologically different. It is most often caused by meibomian gland dysfunction (MGD), a common condition that results in the blockage or reduced quality of the gland oil necessary for tear film production.

Risk factors for MGD include …

  1. Aging.
  2. Drop in estrogen caused by menopause, or medications that block estrogen, such as breast cancer therapies.
  3. Regular, long-term steroid/cortisone use.
  4. Diabetes, rosacea, and autoimmune disorders.
  5. Contact lens wear for extended periods.
  6. Eye makeup buildup.

The good news is chronic eye dryness caused by MGD is treatable!

Coronado Eye Care is a recognized leader in dry eye treatment, and was one of the first eye care practices in California to offer thermal pulsation (Lipiflow), an FDA-approved in-office treatment for meibomian gland dysfunction and dry eyes.

LipiFlow patient

During the 12-minute Lipiflow procedure, a device is placed over the eye and eyelids that provides localized warmth and pressure on the lids. The procedure is safe and very effective at clearing out the trapped oil glands and allowing smooth flow to be re-established.

If you suffer from chronic eye dryness, don’t delay in allowing us to help you. Our diagnostic protocol and advanced treatments lead to excellent outcomes and happy patients.

Call us to schedule your dry eye evaluation and exam today. (619) 435-6221 Or request your appointment online.

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