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next to Union Bank in Coronado, CA

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I was visiting Coronado island for the weekend, escaping cold Chicago, only to realize while on the el to O'hare that I left my contacts at home. I usually wear glasses, but who wants to spend pool/ocean/hiking time in glasses?!?! I called one optometry practice in San Diego, but they wouldn't help me out. I called Coronado Eye Care, and they had my -7.0 contacts in stock and accepted my faxed, current script (from the awesome Dr Black in Naperville, IL at Couture Vision) and was able to hook me up for my vacation! I ran in at 4:55 (they close at 5), and even though I'm sure everyone was ready for the evening to begin, all were incredibly pleasant, friendly, welcomed me and had the contacts waiting. THANK YOU!!!!

- Sarah J., Chicago, IL