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Dr. Greg Giles, O.D.

Dr. Greg Giles, O.D.

Optometrist Dr. Greg Giles, O.D. has been caring for patients in the San Diego area for more than 20 years, joining the private practice of Coronado Eye Care Optometry in 2017. He provides comprehensive primary eye care, pediatric eye care, contact lens fittings, vision therapy for learning/reading difficulties, and sports vision training.


Dr. Giles, O.D. finds it professionally gratifying to have helped numerous students mislabeled as a “slow learners” achieve academic success; and many youth to pro athletes improve their vision skills for optimum sports performance.


“If a child struggles to read, spell, or complete simple math problems but is an otherwise bright child, an assessment of their perceptual and visual development should be performed,” says Dr. Giles, O.D. “Unlike eyesight, which is a function we are born with, perception and vision are the abilities to understand what we see and is a learned process, sometimes compromised by both eyes not effectively working together.”


For those seeking to improve vision performance during sports competition, a comprehensive eye exam performed by Optometrist Greg Giles will include a perceptual and visual skills assessment. “Athletes rely on superior eye-hand coordination, accurate depth perception, and vision endurance to perform at their peak,” he says. “I evaluate these skills and assess if there is a deficiency that can be improved upon through vision therapy, or simply by prescribing sports-specific eyewear or contact lenses.”


His dedication to caring for the eyes of athletes extends to his community involvement. Dr. Giles, O.D. has been a team optometrist for local high school and community college teams, and has coached various sports, including football, over the past two decades.


In 2000, Dr. Giles, O.D. received his doctorate from Southern California College of Optometry in Fullerton, California, along with classmate and Coronado Eye Care Optometry founder Dr. Stephen Moffett, O.D. He completed his undergraduate studies at the University of Louisville as a scholarship-athlete with the Cardinals football team.


When not caring for patients, Dr. Giles, O.D. enjoys spending time with his wife Tiffany, daughters Marissa and Morgan, and son Trenton.

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