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Designer Frames

We have an extensive selection of eyewear including the latest styles in designer sunglasses and prescription eyeglasses.  Here are just some of the lines we offer:


  • Alain Mikli
  • D&G
  • Faceaface
  • Gucci
  • Kaenon
  • Lightec
  • Oakley
  • Oliver Peoples
  • OVVO
  • Prada
  • Ray-Ban
  • Silhouette
  • Spy
  • Tom Ford

We’ll Help You Choose the Best Eyewear for Your Look!

Whether you have a new, updated vision prescription from your eye doctor or you’re seeking a new pair of glasses to enhance your appearance, we offer a full selection of designer frames. All of our options are high quality and high fashion, with a wide array of styles to suit every face and individual taste. We invite you to stop into our Coronado optical store anytime!

Many people find it confusing to choose the perfect pair of designer frames for their face and vision. When you purchase eyewear from our collection, we’re here to help! Our optical staff is experienced and knowledgeable about how to match the ideal eyewear to your vision, lifestyle and unique face. In general, we will consider the following four criteria when recommending your new designer frames:

Face Shape

The basic face shapes include round, oval, square, diamond and heart-shaped. Depending upon your natural appearance, you may look better in square frames, oval or rounded glasses, wide or narrow frames, or low-set temples. Typically, opposites attract. This means it is better to wear eyeglasses that contrast with your facial contours in order to balance out your features.

Skin Tone

The hue of your skin is one of the most important considerations when selecting designer frames. Warm complexions should avoid pastels, and cool skin tones do better with colors that don’t cause a washed-out look, such as black, silver, purple, gray and blue. Our Coronado collection has glasses in a rainbow of colors for you to try on!


Someone who is very active will need eyewear that can keep up. Flexible materials are important, as well as shatter-proof and impact-resistant features.

Personal Taste

Your eyewear can communicate your personality. You can tell the world all about your creative flair or your no-nonsense, intellectual character. You can also change your glasses to coordinate with your mood! Pick up a pair for the office and another pair for weekends.

At Coronado Eye Care, we are constantly updating our optical collection. We’ll gladly help you select the most flattering glasses to enhance your look and your life. Here are some of the lines we offer:

Alain Mikli

Alain Mikli has been revolutionizing luxury eyewear around the globe since 1978. These high style frames were some of the first glasses designed to be seen, as well as to see. The unique shapes are inspired by Alain Mikli’s Lebanese Armenian heritage, and all are crafted with premium materials. Celebrities such as Grace Jones, Samuel Jackson and Elton John brought this eyewear to fashion fame.


Dolce & Gabbana eyewear brings the extravagance and sensuality of Sicily into every pair of eyeglasses that they create. This Italian brand has been a leading force in the luxury global fashion scene since 1985. Their eyewear features contrasting features and posh detailing that blends smoothly to embellish your appearance with glamour.

Face a Face

Founded over 15 years ago, Face a Face eyewear is a study in Modern Art and design, displayed to the world through bold shapes and inventive color blocking. Designers Pascal Jaulent and Nadine Roth base the designs for these striking frames on their passion for architecture and fashion. Their glasses are sculptural, minimalistic and eclectic. Each pair of frames are worn as jewelry for the face, with a clean look that conveys contemporary style.


A pair of Gucci eyeglasses have unmistakable style and sophistication. Designed to be worn by men and women alike, they are the definition of a luxury accessory. The hues coordinate with the iconic heritage of Gucci’s clothing. Oversized acetate frames and classic aviators characterize Gucci eyewear, along with the refined details for which they are internationally famed.


In response to a need for superior sunglasses, two non-compromising brothers developed Kaenon in 2001. They engineered new SR-91 polarized lenses for Kaenon eyewear and thereby raised the standard in performance eyewear. The frames communicate the spirit of California, with distinct colors and hand-painted treatments. Available with lenses for all optical needs, Kaenon sunglasses are constructed for ultimate long-lasting function, fashion and comfort.


Lightec glasses, made by Morel in France, are named for “lightness” and “technology.” Together, these elements offer the wearer maximum comfort. The exclusive spring hinges have no screws or internal hinges, which grants them unparalleled durability and flexibility. These superb frames come in an array of styles, including semi-rimless, fully rimless and full metal. A thin metal line on the temple is the Lightec signature. Lightec is the embodiment of fashion-forward, high-tech eyewear for both men and women.


Launched in 1984, Oakley made their first appearance as eyeglasses for athletes and people with active lifestyles. Since then, this premium company branched out to craft quality prescription glasses and sunglasses too. All of the frames use top-tier technology and modern aesthetics, and they are built to meet the needs of both indoor and outdoor life. Using an exclusive and innovative frame-fitting system, Oakley glasses grant supreme comfort under all conditions.


The first Oliver Peoples store was opened in 1987 in West Hollywood, with a full display of retro eyewear. Nowadays, these luxury frames are handcrafted in limited quantities from the finest materials and classic styles. Oliver glasses have no logo or labels, which gives them unique appeal to customers with the most refined taste.


OVVO eyewear is the ultimate in European style and quality. Each pair of frames is handmade, hand-polished, decorated and assembled in Germany and Poland, using a hypoallergenic steel titanium blend that was developed specially for military and spacecraft. OVVO glasses are exceptionally flexible, lightweight and comfortable, as well as virtually indestructible. They come in a variety of sophisticated styles, ranging from classic to avant-garde. A crew of over 200 production experts create and inspect each pair of OVVO glasses, providing customers with the highest quality assurance possible.


Prada eyewear adds much more than a new pair of glasses to the wearer’s face. These frames elevate the person to a new level of living. Daring color tones and elegant lines are used to convey authentic and luxurious character. As Prada influences the future of fashion, their eyewear is a perfect expression of the aristocratic status that this designer brings to people around the world.

Ray Ban

Ray Ban rose to fame for their Aviator and Wayfarer looks, yet now they fill the optical scene with a diverse selection of high fashion styles to suit all tastes. Although eyewear has gone through many changes over time, the international regard and respect for Ray Ban’s quality and attractive expressions remains constant.


Silhouette takes pride in creating timeless eyewear that meets the innovative spirit of the modern age. Since 1964, this Austrian brand has been producing glasses with premium materials and purist design elements. Their workmanship is exquisite, guaranteeing superb quality and comfort. Each pair of lightweight frames convey the individuality of the wearer.


Spy sunglasses are ideal for climbing a jagged mountainside or simply enjoying the pleasures of an outdoor lifestyle. Constructed to withstand all hardships of extreme adventure, these sunglasses protect delicate eyes and enhance every face with a stylish, contemporary look. Based in Southern California, Spy was founded in 1994 and inspired by the active life of the locals. All Spy products are engineered with exceptional optics, including prescription frames, goggles and sunglasses.

Tom Ford

Extravagance, innovative design, stylish glitz and a bold personality statement. Tom Ford eyewear expresses all of this and more. One look at these sophisticated eyeglasses makes it clear why so many global celebrities choose them. Crafted from the best materials and technology available, Tom Ford allows every individual to reach their own distinct and superior fashion statement.

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