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Quality Eyeglass Lenses in Coronado, CA

Blue Light Protection

Blue light experts in Imperial Beach CA

Shamir Progressive Lenses

Exclusively designed with proprietary, patented EyePoint Technology, a groundbreaking software program that utilizes ray-tracing to compute optical properties and simulate human vision, Shamir Progressives are digital, high-definition lenses that provide excellent peripheral vision, low distortion levels and smooth channels.

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Hoya ID

Hoya – ID lens is the first fully customized progressive lens, designed using IDSD technology and shaped to the specific rotation of your eyes. The more you rely on your glasses, the more you’ll appreciate the ID lens.

HOYA’s Free-Form design approach is based on the understanding that no two eyes are the same. Their patented Integrated Double Surface Design (IDSD) technology maps the specific rotation of each eye, creating the blueprint for lens construction. HOYA Free-Form Fabrication then uses diamond point tools to shape both sides of the lens to the exact specifications of your eye rotation.

Progressive lens designs have always restricted the vertical and horizontal design components to the same side of the lens. HOYA is the first to customize the lens on both sides, creating a truly personalized vision correction.

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BlueTech Lenses are a revolutionary solution for the lifelong preservation of eye health and prevention of macular degeneration. Ideal for both indoor and outdoor environments, BluTech Lenses are the ultimate in protective eyewear and visual performance.

The Benefits of BluTech Lenses:

– High Impact resistant

– Improves contrast and reduces glare

– Natural depth and color perception

– UV ray and high-energy blue light protection

– Improves visual acuity and night vision

Kodak Total Blue Lens - Coronado Eye Care

Kodak Total BlueLens

Kodak Total Blue Lens is a unique hybrid of lens material and coating that filters High Energy Visible (HEV) Blue Light and protects against UV rays. It starts with a special lens material that absorbs 100% of UV rays. A special multi-layer blue light filtering coating is applied to the front surface of the lens and together they block transmission of up to 80% of HEV Blue Light. Additional layers on the front and back provide scratch resistance, anti-reflective benefits and a top superhydrophobic layer for easy-to-clean lenses. All in one package!


  • Significantly reduces Harmful Blue Light indoors and outdoors
  • 100% direct UV protection
  • Filters up to 80% of HEV Blue Light
  • Reduces potential eyestrain and eye fatigue caused by prolonged exposure to Harmful Blue Light
  • Progressive, single vision and computer lens designs
  • Confidence and peace of mind that comes with the trusted Kodak brand name

Progressive and HD Lenses

kodak Unique

KODAK Unique

Advanced computer technology ensures optical quality.

Digitally-created to provide sharp, clear viewing near, far, and in-between. Whether choosing a small or large frame, a computer program will select from six KODAK Unique Lens designs to properly locate the viewing areas.

Unique eyewear to suit unique lifestyles.

KODAK Unique and Unique HD Progressive Lenses are offered with UV and glare protection, thinness and lightweight comfort, and convenient darkness adaptation to light changes. Choose anti-reflection coverage so lenses are easy to clean.

Customized to the individual

Shamir autograph III

Shamir Autograph III®


Based on a groundbreaking concept in lens design, Shamir Autograph III® is a new balanced progressive lens, holistically adapted to the patient, and ensuring a clear and comfortable visual experience for all with…

Eye Point Technology III

Natural Posture


As Worn Quadro 1